Join us to hear from these awesome crypto experts and many more!

Trent square.jpg

Jon Hazell


Jon has been a Tax Advisor for 25 years and active in the cryptocurrency space since 2013. Due to the high demand for his particular expertise, in 2018 he launched Bridge Financial Systems, a crypto-oriented tax and financial consultation firm.

Jared Miner

Paducah, Kentucky

Jared has been mining since 2013, for himself and for customers. He is also part of the duo running the Youtube channel Digital Gold, building a following by educating people on his journey into a full-scale mining farm.

Ernie Nodeman


Ernie Nodeman trains thousands of Youtube subscribers every week on the principles and skills required to trade cryptocurrencies. His channel, Node Investor, covers reading charts, technical analysis, and industry news.

Trent Cooksley

Omaha, NEbraska

Trent regularly meets and consults with blockchain-based startups in multiple industries. He focuses on ICO and token analysis and evaluation. He has been in the crypto-asset space for over 5 years.


Ian Dixon

Boulder, colorado

Ian was building mining farms before it was cool. He is a creative contrarian who loves the gig economy and all things decentralized. He is an entertaining speaker well-versed in cryptography, security, and regulation.

Bry Huy.jpg

Bryan Dewhurst


With over a decades providing financial advise to clients, Bryan's firm Uncommon Wealth is just that - uncommon. Thinking outside the box and leveraging opportunities has grown their reputation, portfolios, and office size. Bryan has a unique take on how to capitalize on bitcoin now.


Jeff Main

omaha, nEbraska

Formerly an AVP of Software Development at Union Pacific, Jeff has been a first mover in the Blockchain space specifically focused on the logistics industry. As a cryptocurrency miner, he understands the value of Distribute Ledger Technology in both the private and public sector.


Ansel Lindner

Omaha, NEbraska

With a background in economics, Ansel is passionate about markets and how bitcoin has introduced a new paradigm in global finance, empowering people and leveling power dynamics. You can follow him on his podcast Bitcoin & Markets.