Everything you need to know about Bitcoin in one day.


Bitcoin Day is a day packed full of tactical education about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crypto trader, Bitcoin Day has something for you. 


Morning Session

The morning session is designed to offer Bitcoin beginners all the information they need to get started. You'll learn the basic concepts and history of Bitcoin and dip your toe in the water of this new and exciting digital economy. We'll even give you some Bitcoin!

afternoon Session

The afternoon session is perfect for those that want a more advanced education. Attend this session if you already understand crypto basics or if you're planning on attending the morning session and want to go beyond the basics. During the afternoon session, attendees will be exposed to advanced crypto technologies and trends that will include presentations on initial coin offerings (ICOs), utility tokens, alt coins, and interesting crypto companies like SALT, Bloom, tZero, and more!

What to Expect

  • Education you can use presented by cryptocurrency experts you can trust
  • Networking with other Bitcoin beginners and professionals
  • A chance to win prices like hardware wallets, coins, and more
  • A rare opportunity to see a cryptocurrency miner mine coins
  • A chance to see and use a Bitcoin ATM to buy Bitcoin or Litecoin during the event



Digital or Cryptocurrencies

Morning Session

Bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency out there. Learn about some of the other cryptocurrencies available and how they differ. 


Online Exchanges

Morning Session

Cryptocurrencies are primarily bought and sold on online exchanges. We'll cover a few of the most popular exchanges and how to use them.


Trading Concepts

Morning Session

There's money to be made in crypto! Learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies to your advantage. 


Storage & Security

Morning Session

Explore the different ways to story your coins securely in software and hardware wallets. We'll also discuss the risks associated with holding cryptocurrencies and how to minimize them.



Morning & Afternoon Sessions

We'll help you understand the tax implications of holding, buying, and selling cryptocurrencies. 




Learn more about how mining is done and the opportunities that exist in mining today. 


Initial Coin Offerings


Learn more about the recent ICO craze, how they're regulated, and best practices for participating. 


Blockchain Technology

Morning Session

The potential for blockchain technology is huge. Learn about the different ways its being used, what the future holds, and which companies are leveraging the technology today.


Join us to hear from these awesome crypto experts and many more!


Jeff Main

omaha, nEbraska

Formerly an AVP of Software Development at Union Pacific, Jeff has been a first mover in the Blockchain space specifically focused on the logistics industry. As a cryptocurrency miner, he understands the value of Distribute Ledger Technology in both the private and public sector.


Ian Dixon

Boulder, colorado

Ian was building mining farms before it was cool. He is creative contrarian who loves the gig economy and all things decentralized. He is an entertaining speaker well-versed in cryptography, security, and regulation.


Ansel Lindner

Omaha, NEbraska

With a background in economics, Ansel is passionate about markets and how bitcoin has introduced a new paradigm in global finance, empowering people and leveling power dynamics. You can follow him on his podcast Bitcoin & Markets.


Trent Cooksley

Omaha, NEbraska

Not only has Trent spent years funding and mentoring insurance startups, he has done a lot of research and investing in blockchain and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). His experience will be invaluable to those interested in learning about new tokens being launched.



Morning Session



Afternoon Session



Full Day




 Judith Gonzalez
 John Mitchell
 William Nowak

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